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We turn routine

The foundation of conscious hair care is providing hair with various ingredients. With the use of our products, you can adapt and routinize hair care to your personal needs. Amazing chocolate, bubble gum or sweet banana fragrance will put you in a joyful mood for the rest of the day. We take the boredom out of the ritual – mix our products the way you like!

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Scalp balance

Systematic scalp care is one of the most important parts of your ritual. Balanced care of the scalp affects the proper condition of hair bulbs, which are responsible for the growth of strong and healthy hair. After all, it all begins with the condition of the scalp, which has a significant impact on the glamorous look of your hair.


Peh balance

Maintaining proper PEH balance is crucial to hair care. PEH balance means the right balance between the key ingredients, i.e., proteins, emollients, and humectants. Each type of hair needs these components, and their proportion should be properly matched to the individual needs of your hair. So, have fun and mix our products at will to create for yourself the perfect hair- care diet!


Hair oiling routine

Hair oiling is another very important stage of the ritual, performed by every self-respecting hair-care maniac!  Oiling is a special type of hair lubrication treatment which includes the use of natural oils adjusted to the type of hair and their level of porosity. Regular use of oils helps to restore the proper condition of the hair, ensures its proper hydration, and strengthens its resistance to damage. Are you tempted to try hair oiling? It is well worth it! As a result, you will get smooth, soft, elastic, and shiny hair.



What are the differences in hair porosity?

Why is it worth taking care of the scalp?

A healthy scalp is crucial for the growth of healthy, strong hair. We present 5 principles worth remembering ... {more ...}

How to use our cosmetics?

Step 0, hair lotion
It is best to use it every morning or evening for a month, and then take a weekly break ... {more ...}

What is the OMO method?

The OMO method is the most popular method of washing hair, and its discovery literally changes (caring) life ... {more ...}

How to properly wash your hair?

Brush your hair thoroughly before washing, match the shampoo to the scalp ... {more ...}

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The products contain natural ingredients, therefore the color of the mass may vary.