Peh Balance

Maintaining proper PEH balance is crucial to hair care. PEH balance means the right balance between the key ingredients, i.e., proteins, emollients, and humectants. Each type of hair needs these components, and their proportion should be properly matched to the individual needs of your hair. So, have fun and mix our products at will to create for yourself the perfect hair- care diet!

How to maintain PEH balance?

The key to beautiful and healthy hair is to maintain a balance between the tree main pillars of air care, PROTEINS, EMOLIENTS and HUMEKTANTS, (PEH for short). Proteins, like building blocks, temporarily fill in the defected areas in the hair structure. Proteins include keratin, hydrolysed milk, or wheat proteins.

Deficiency symptoms

  • hair becomes brittle, dull, and rough to the touch
  • hair bounces off the base off the scalp, is hard and inflexible
  • hair is easily electrified

Symptoms of excess

  • hair is frizzy
  • its “creaks” when squeezed
  • it tends to be felting and tangling

Humectants are moisturizers that retain water in the hair, e.g., glycerine, aloe, honey. Remember that humectants are in opposition to proteins, and we balance them with each other.

Deficiency symptoms

  • hair becomes dull and rough to the touch
  • hair bounces off the base off the scalp, is hard and inflexible
  • hair loses its natural shine 

Symptoms of excess

  • hair is frizzy and tangled - hard to comb
  • its “creaks” when squeezed
  • it loses its natural volume 

Emollients create a protective layer against external factors on the skin and retain water in the hair. Emollients mainly include oils and vegetable butters, but also silicones and mineral oils. Remember that while proteins and humectants can be eliminated from your hair washing routine, depending on what the hair needs, all hair types need emollients. 

Deficiency symptoms:      

  • hair is light and dry – a "hay" effect
  • hair loses its natural glow

Symptoms of excess:

  • hair is flat and greasy looking, even right after being washed
  • hair puffs up easily

Be patient and persistent! to achieve PEH balance you must approach the topic individually and apply the trial-and-error technique. Only by observing and adjusting the type of care to the needs of your hair will you achieve the desired goal.