The OMO method - check out what it is about!

The OMO method - check out what it is about!

The OMO method (or Nutrition, Washing, Nutrition) is the most popular hair washing method– its discovery was literally a life changer in terms of hair care.

This method of hair washing is known to us all! When we wash our hair, we most frequently follow the MO Method. The Mo method is noting simpler than (1) wash your hair, (2) apply a conditioner of your choice. The mysterious term OMO is an extension of the basic hair washing routine. You apply the conditioner first, even before washing your hair with a shampoo, then again at the end of the treatment – resultantly, we obtain the abbreviated term OMO, meaning: Nutrition (O), Washing (M), Nutrition (O).


What does the OMO method do?

Applying the conditioner before washing your hair protects the ends of the hair, which are extremely sensitive to the action of surfactants contained in shampoos. Moreover, the conditioner instantly regenerates, moisturizes, and softens the hair. This way your hair becomes looser, stronger and tangle free.


Who will the OMO method work for? 

This method will bring visible and desired effects especially for owners of high porosity, dry, damaged and/or bleached hair. The OMO method is also very useful for all those who want to grow their hair longer. Straight and curly hair are especially fond of this hair washing ritual, because straight hair becomes much softer, smoother, and pleasant to the touch, while curly hair becomes more disciplined and less prone to frizz.


Should the OMO method be used by everyone?

There are individuals whose hearts have not been stolen by the OMO method. Those are the owners of oily hair. Using this method on hair that’s prone to oil may put this type of hair under unnecessary strain, and the effects will be counterproductive. Hence, with such hair, it is worth considering other methods, e.g., the classic method of washing MO or the OM method - i.e., applying the conditioner only before washing the hair.


Step-by-step on how to wash your hair with the OMO method

Step 1

Wet your hair and scalp to help spread the products better, then apply a conditioner of your choice (start approximately from the height of your ear down). Try both methods and choose the one that suits you best! At this stage of hair care, both humectant and protein conditioners will do great!

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Step 2

Moisten your hair with water and shampoo your hair thoroughly, (preferably using the cup method). Run the foam over the entire length of your hair, and finally rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
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Apply conditioner to washed hair, start approximately at ear height, and spread over the entire length of hair. Wait a few minutes, then rinse your hair with lukewarm water. The goal of applying the second conditioner is to close the OMO stage, which is why emollient conditioners will do that job best. They close hair cuticles and are ideal for this last stage of OMO ritual.