The Proper Hair Washing Guide

The Proper Hair Washing Guide

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly before washing.
  2. Select the shampoo for the scalp, not the hair.

    ● oily scalp - strongly cleansing shampoo
    ● sensitive, dry scalp - mild cleansing shampoo

  3. While washing your hair, massage the product gently into your scalp - there is no need to massage the product into the entire hair, this may get them tangled (remember that wet hair is much more susceptible to damage). The free- flowing foam is enough to cleanse the rest of the hair thoroughly and to remove the left over impurities.

  4. The cup method - this is a discovery made by hair maniacs! It is based on pouring a small amount of shampoo into a special cup and diluting it with water. Once you prepare this mixture, use a foaming device to create foam. Spread the foam onto your scalp and wash it gently and thoroughly.

    The cup method has a lot of advantages:
    ● both scalp and hair are cleansed with foam only, not with a concentrated solution, this way the shampoo is much gentler on the skin
    ● it allows the product to be spread more precisely over the hair
    ● consequently, it allows for a very efficient and economic use of the product

  5. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water. This is very important as warm water damages the hair and makes the hair more permeable.
  6. Finally, drain your hair (preferably with a towel) and apply a conditioner that best suits the needs of your hair.